Process Orders and Collect Payments
Automate order workflow. No more messy written communcation or excel spreadsheets.
Are you still using manual processes such as paper trail or excel spreadsheets to track customer orders. Manual order entry is fraught with many issues:

  • Manual process is susceptible to human errors. Your customer orders come in various non standardised shapes and forms. Not translating them into a recognisable format opens up the possibility of missing something important.
  • It takes considerable resources and time. It will take a lot of your time to process the orders and makes the job of delegating tasks difficult. Any changes to orders become difficult to communicate across your organisation.
  • It makes the task of supervision difficult because in the manual world you cannot stay in the loop on every conversation.
CINCH offers a completely customizable order work flow management system to automate the processing of orders which will boost your efficiency and allow proper supervision. A task which is probably taking you several hours could be done in minutes which will free up your resources to focus on value added activities and not fighting fires. CINCH allows you to minimise the chances of human error.

Moreover, with CINCH you will always stay in the loop. Everytime an order is entered or edited CINCH will update you of the new order or changes to the order via email.

Next, when you dispatch the order your customers will be delighted because they will receive automatic updates via email and SMS. Not only that CINCH will automatically remind you about violation of any payment terms so that you can take the necessary corrective action.

Finally, you can automatically track payments against the order and prioritize payment collection based on days outstanding.

You will get all of the above with the following additional benefits:

CINCH will give you a multi-user platform and you can define the roles and access for each individual separately.
All your information will be stored securely on our servers and will be never be shared with anyone without your consent.All the information you enter will be transferred to our servers via an industry best secure LAYER.
You only need a computer with access to internet to get going. CINCH is available on the cloud via internet.
Get phone support via our dedicated team anytime at no cost to help you get started and for ongoing issues
Lastly, the best part is that you can have all this at a throw away price of Rs 3000/month.
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