Production Management
Track production against orders. Communicate accurate closing stock.
Production and Orders are two sides of the same coin. Adequate communication between the two will help you produce the right things at the right time and in turn reduce out of stocks and delight your customers.

CINCH offers a completely custimizable production work flow management system with many benefits

  • It will give you an accurate stock at the end of the day for each manufactured product and its sub-assemblies. YES it will autumatically decrease the stock of all sub-assembilies based on the BILL-OF-MATERIAL.
  • Your production staff will have a clear view of orders booked and scheduled so they can priortize production
  • For products which are manufactured to stock CINCH will give you a statistically robust estimate of minimum stock you need to maintain to fulfill 95% of the prospective orders. Which means you can optimize your investment in stock.

You will get all of the above with the following additional benefits:

CINCH will give you a multi-user platform and you can define the roles and access for each individual separately.
All your information will be stored securely on our servers and will be never be shared with anyone without your consent.All the information you enter will be transferred to our servers via an industry best secure LAYER.
You only need a computer with access to internet to get going. CINCH is available on the cloud via internet.
Get phone support via our dedicated team anytime at no cost to help you get started and for ongoing issues
Lastly, the best part is that you can have all this at a throw away price of Rs 3000/month.
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